7:00PM TO 11:00PM

Roxxy Montana

Several years before their powerhouse performances of “Man in the Mirror” and “Royals” on Season 3 of “The X Factor” bolted them into our collective musical conversation, sisters Tenija, Tiara and Temperance Moton moved from their native Michigan to New York as teenagers, in pursuit of their first record deal.
One day while thrift shopping, they spotted two unusual dolls which struck them as Barbies with imperfections. One was called Roxxy and the other Montana. They immediately knew what to call their budding trio. To them, “RoXxy Montana” meant “perfectly imperfect,” a vow to never compare themselves to others so that people could discover their unique inner and outer beauty. A handful of years and a whirlwind of life experiences later, the trio brings a dynamic “perfect/imperfect” blend of confidence and vulnerability to their new single “War Cry” – an edgy anthem showcasing their fresh hybrid “pop, rock and B” vibe.
Featuring lead vocals by Tenija, the track was penned by songwriter Ashton Deary and produced by Deary and Ape, founder of Preston Bevrly, an indie conglomerate whose label includes RoXxy Montana on their roster. RoXxy Montana will be debuting the song live in conjunction with its official release in late June, 2017 at SpringBoard Houston, billed as “the most innovative independent music festival, conference and industry showcase.”
The trio, which previously released the single “Way Too Good” featuring rapper Sage the Gemini, will be releasing a video for “War Cry” and a follow-up single to pave the way for their official debut EP this fall. They have also been working in the studio on other tracks with numerous superstar producers, including R&B/hip-hop team The Stereotypes, who have weaved their sonic magic in the past with Usher, Mary J. Blige and Bruno Mars.
While the lyrics to “War Cry” are, on the surface, about a budding relationship where the girl makes sure she’s emotionally protected before marching her way into her lover’s heart, Tenija, Tiara and Temperance also see it as the perfect metaphor for their emergence in a competitive and sometimes harsh music industry. They credit their time on “The X Factor” with helping them hone their sound, and give show creator (and mentor during their run) Simon Cowell props for helping them realize that they should have a different lead singer depending on the emotional needs of the song. The exposure they received was invaluable. After their elimination from the show, RoXxy Montana received numerous offers from major and indie labels. At one point, they made a big announcement about signing with a prominent new indie – only to be disappointed and let go down the road because of “wires crossed” and business circumstances far outside their control.
“We know a lot of artists can relate to the ups and downs of our journey,” says Temperance, the youngest of the trio at 24. “Our fans and others who listen to it can relate it to their own life experiences and make it about whatever they want, but for us, it’s about our survival and success in the music industry. We start out declaring that we’re gonna make you want me, and we’re confident in that because we’ve been underdogs our whole career and had a lot of setbacks, but now we’re coming into our own and everybody wants us. We’re excited about all the new opportunities coming our way and the great people we’re working with at the label and in the studio. Still, we know the industry. We know what we’re getting into, so like the song says, we’ve got our combat boots on.”
Tenija, the oldest of the Moton sisters at 26, adds, “We love ‘War Cry,’ but it’s not just about making a statement. Out of all the tracks we have recorded, we thought it was one of the most fun and one we could definitely envision in the Top 40 while also being a bit different. It’s one thing to blend in and sound like every other artist, but it’s more beautiful to stand out. The song has a toughness about it, but we love that it’s also got a vulnerability. We don’t see a lot of pop artists putting out songs that show them being vulnerable, but that’s an important part of emotional growth. People seem to want to act tough, like they’ve got it all together. They don’t like to acknowledge being hurt and broken. But everyone has feelings, and we know people go home and cry when no one is looking. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes it’s the place you have to endure in order to gain the resolve it takes to come back and declare ‘We’re here, and this time, it’s for good.’”
Between “The X-Factor” and their emergence now in 2017, RoXxy Montana have kept in the public eye and built a following via other traditional media and of course, social media. Taking an extended break from music after the show, they decided to focus on a new beauty regimen and keeping in shape. The sisters are naturally gifted athletes who grew up playing a wide variety of sports. In high school, Tenija played volleyball, Temperance played volleyball and ran track and Tiara was a boxer. Working with Hollywood based celebrity fitness guru and Eric The Trainer helped them clear their minds and gain perspective, in addition to helping them make industry connections.
The sisters gained red carpet exposure during the sports-oriented Espy Awards (which they attended via an invitation from Eric), had a video posted on the Music Existence blog, scored an interview about music and beauty on the Madali Hair blog, and did a high profile makeup free photo shoot with their friend, Sophie Tweed Simmons, daughter of legendary rocker Gene Simmons. Sophie first met the girls when she went to the X-Factor Boot Camp in 2012. The contacts RoXxy Montana have made in the comic book world inspired Tenija and Temperance to develop a comic they are currently shopping about a modern day female superhero who is loosely based on their three unique personalities.
Growing up in the Detroit suburb of Romulus with music loving parents who would one day become pastors, Temperance, Tenija and Tiara had the unique dual blessing of being raised in church and listening to adult contemporary and R&B-oriented secular music while their peers were listening to Top 40 and hip-hop. The three were the only kids in the adult choir at Greater Grace Temple, and, due to their parents’ influence, their playlists were full of Motown, Rachelle Ferrell, Roberta Flack and Michael Franks. Over time, even as the girls committed to developing a professional career as a group, they each developed their own distinctive musical passions. Tiara became a huge country music fan, while Tanija stuck closer to home being inspired by R&B/gospel artists, and Temperance loved classic rock (Led Zeppelin) and contemporary bands like Twenty One Pilots.
Temperance says, “We were all grounded by our love of church music, but there were times when we couldn’t stand what the other sisters were listening to. For a long time, that made it difficult to come together and create the right sound for the group, but now we’re open to what each of us is into and we put elements of all of our influences into every song we create. We could never fathom doing this any other way, or breaking off to pursue solo careers. It’s like we’re a single soul in three bodies. Whether we’re onstage or in real life, where we still share the same living space, if one of us slips up, the other two come in and help solve the problem. Each of us is ready to jump in and save our sister immediately. The best part of being in a group with your family is that you already know everything about everyone, and the chemistry is innate. Maybe that comes from being raised like Irish triplets, since we are all less than a year apart.”
As RoXxy Montana gears up for their first official live performances since “The X Factor,” Tanija shares what she and her sisters believe it will take for their momentum to continue and for the trio to thrive in the industry: “For everything we’ve been working towards to come to fruition, we have to stay so focused on making great music and working so hard that no obstacles can block our path or make us stumble. We all feel that if we put out a body of great music, stay true to our moral standards, keep our strong work ethic and keep it real and genuine with our fans, that’s the recipe for success. Each of us plays a key role in making that a day-to-day reality.”

Roxxy Montana

Mark Stokes

Raised in Orange County, CA now living in Atlanta, GA – the solo artist and multi-instrumentalist has honed in on a unique style. Ambient sounds can be trademarked by his voice, tranquil tone and vibe. Energetic riffs compliment a calm West Coast influence Stokes has encaptured, expressing his life’s story through melodic and lyrical ideas.

Mark Stokes

Trubdr. Adam Road

At the age of 6, Trubdr. Adam Road fell in love with the guitar after hearing his Kindergarten teacher play the song “Big yellow Taxi”. He began to focus on learning the electric guitar. While attending the American International School in Tel Aviv, he befriended Adam Broza the son of world-renowned Israeli singer/songwriter/ flamenco guitarist David Broza. Trubdr. Road found himself in love and awe of the gypsy flamenco style that the Broza’s are known for. After gaining some traction, his band, City of the Sun was asked open for K’Naan on his national tour. While living in New York, Adam was mentored by music industry legend, Giorgio Gomelsky (The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, Frank Zappa, John McLaughlin). Gomelsky told him stories about Rock n’ Roll in the early 60’s and what it was like being the owner of the world famous Rock venue, “The Crawdaddy”. Adam quickly landed a recording contract with Yebo Records and recorded his first full-length album. His music developed into a unique sound that is a collision of ambient classical guitar and hard hitting grunge rock guitar licks, supporting a voice that ranges from a soft whisper to a painful growl.

Trubdr. Adam Road


Just occasionally, fact can be stranger than fiction. Salio, a singer songwriter from Tbilisi, Georgia boasts a rags to riches story more flat-out compelling than most. A remarkably gifted vocalist, she was born into a life of abject poverty, routinely having to go without food, hot water or electricity.

At the age of six, she won her first singing competition, and, convinced that her natural talent would help her gain freedom from such Dickensian drudgery, and access to a better life, she spent the next two decades ensuring that nothing would stand in her way. Salio is now 29 years old and is at last watching her dream come true with both relief and a certain satisfaction. She is an impeccably cool vocalist, at times reminiscent of Moloko’s Roisin Murphy, at times able to out-gospel Aretha Franklin, and she has already partied with the likes of Jamiroquai, Maroon 5 and Earth, Wind & Fire. And as the video to her sublime single Let It Shine attests, the woman can smoke a cigarette with the poise of the very best cinematic femme fatales.

A true individual, Salio is the most exciting discovery of 2017.



BLAZE X BLACK are not your average hip-hop duo. Bringing an alternative edge and new age sound, they are one of the best groups to watch coming out of Houston, Texas. With a back and forth of lyrical genius and melodic rhythm their vocals combine to make a hit sound. From their own radio show, featured “SUPER BOWL LIVE” performer’s, Houston Press Reader’s Choice “BAND OF THE YEAR” for 2016. August 4th is officially sanctioned by Mayor Sylvester Turner as “BLAZE X BLACK DAY” in the City of Houston.

Blaze X Black


DeCory is an electrifying, high-energy pop artist with an old soul. He has been singing, dancing and performing since he was 4-years old – the same year he sang his first solo in church. At age six, prior to landing in the Bayou City to ignite his musical endeavors, this Atlanta, GA born entertainer was casted in a television pilot (slated for primetime tv) on a newly developed television network. Although the television network didn’t launch, DeCory took the knowledge he gained from that experience and used it for his quest to perfect his musical prowess. After years of honing in on his vocal and dance skills, he emerged in Houston, TX, prepped and ready as the show-stopping performer he is today, who shines on stage. On any given day you can find him performing live at various venues throughout Houston and the surrounding areas in Texas and Louisiana. Although small in statue, this little energetic fireball has a very big voice with a very giving spirit. Awarded the I AM Spring Branch Independent School District’s award 2016 – 2017, exemplifying Every Child, Collective Greatness, Collaborative Spirit, Limitless Curiosity and Moral Compass, DeCory is just as giving off the stage. He plans to share his gift of song with the world to inspire others to find their own greatness to reach their dreams and endeavors.


Demi The Daredevil

Demi the Daredevil’s mix of bright alternative rock and darkly theatrical music is turning heads across the globe. Standing out with their twisted theatrics, intricate arrangements, and deeply psychological lyrics, fans describe El Paso, Texas based band Demi the Daredevil as “flamboyant, demented, but still hopeful and exciting.” Demi the Daredevil draws on the widest variety of influences. 80s Soft Rock bands such as Phil Collins, Chicago, and Billie Joel were part of Jeff Azar’s upbringing, as well as Dance Pop artists like Prince, Cyndi Lauper, Janet and Michael Jackson. Emo punk bands such as Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and The Used are said to have influenced the band, as well as musical theater show tunes, film scores, and classical music, namely those of Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Rachnmaninov.

Demi The Daredevil

Weather King

Like in life, extreme youth in music can be a blessing or a curse. In the case of Weather King it is definitely a blessing. While a band of thirty-somethings appeals to thirty somethings, a band of 16 year-olds that plays with all of the energy, technical ability, and showmanship of thirty-somethings appeals to all ages–from aspiring children to young adults, parents, and even grandparents. The members of Weather King have extensive experience performing at clubs, parties, benefits, and everything in between—by the age of ten. Since, then, the gigs have gotten better and the pay has gone up, but they still deliver.

Weather King


Hailing out of Savannah Ga, Seven is the leading breakout artist on the underground HipHop/R&B scene. His lyrics and energy sets him apart from all other artists in the industry. He has been writing music since a teen and has continued to grow into a versatile artist that is sure to lead the new generation. He released 5 mixtapes throughout the years as part of a 2 man group known as the Delegatez, and is now starting his solo career. His untitled project is set to release later this year and contains his first single “I Be On That” which is currently streaming on Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, and can be purchased on ITunes. Attending an arts academy called SCAD for film & television for a brief moment, he also directed and edited the video to his single. He’s been featured in Spaced Out Magazine as one of the best new artist of his time and continues to release new and improved music as his fan base grows. Forming his own label in 2011 called Division One Enterprises Inc. he is being considered as a “One Man Army” by writing, producing, engineering his own music, and directing/editing his own music videos. His music can be found on Itunes and all other streaming outlets.

Reverbnation- @Division1ent
IG- @Division1ent
Twitter- @Delegatez



Vocalist Jordan Coffing is evocative and captivating, playfully finessing sophisticated melodies, while displaying a tone that is lush and compelling. As a composer her music encompasses an eclectic mix of indie rock, acoustic pop, jazz, and hip-hop.

Coffing attended Houston’s High School For the Performing and Visual arts and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Vocal Jazz Performance from the internationally acclaimed University of North Texas, where she had the opportunity to work with living legends Rosana Eckert, Kurt Elling and Peter Eldridge. She performs classic jazz repertoire by Billie Holiday, Betty Carter, and Sarah Vaughan and cites current artists such as Feist, Tigran Hamasyan, St. Vincent, and Becca Stevens as her main influences. Coffing hybridizes traditional and progressive concepts to deliver a fresh, singular sound that is all her own.

Jordan was born in Los Angeles to a film composer/songwriter and a graphic artist. She began singing at an early age and needless to say her talent was encouraged. Her father brought her into the studio at a young age which led to singing background vocals for Film & TV scores and records including vocals for a TV theme song performed by Chaka Khan.

Currently residing and performing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Coffing works as an active vocalist, composer, guitarist and educator. She has worked as a sideman for several diverse projects from singing backup for “Naked Lunch”, a Steely Dan Cover band, to performing with Denton based folk group “Many Voices.”

Jordan Coffing is a new voice that will speak to the current generation while echoing sounds from the past.


Shonnie Murrell

Known by her stage name “Shonnie” Murrell, LaShonda Antrionette Harris was born on July 19 in Jonesboro, Louisiana and raised in Houston, Texas. She has been singing and playing instruments since the age of 3.

Shonnie graduated from Sharpstown High School and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Grambling State University. Shonnie can contribute her showmanship on percussion to her years she spent marching in the Grambling State World Famed Tiger Marching band. She also held the highest position in the band as “Master Drill Sgt.” and was one of the main reality personalities on the hit BET show, “Season of the Tiger”. From this she landed a spot on 106 and Park, BET Awards and other television appearances.

The Shonnie Murrell Experience, which she names when performing with her full rhythm section and band, loves to give her fans the greatest performance on earth. Shonnie believes that her energy and engaging the audience are two key elements that are important to accomplish this feat! She is most of the time compared to Sheila E., Erykah Badu, and Missy Elliot because of her ability to mix her sound, lyrical and visual poetry all together. Some notables that Shonnie has performed with are opened for include: Most recent, LEELA JAMES, MAJOR., RICK ROSS, LIL WAYNE, SNOOP DOGG, LETOYA LUCKETT, the late great AL JARREAU and FRANK MCCOMBS, to name a few. Her performances have taken her from LA to NY over her short career before landing her back into Houston to help Title1 schools upstart their music programs with her partnership with Microsoft. From this, her new reality show pilot was birthed and is currently on the tables of some major networks.

Shonnie has recently in 2017 signed to a new management company, BPM Music Group, LLC which is ran by Christopher “DJ Cruize Control” Williams, former VP of Marketing and Artist Management of Mathew Knowles famed label, Music World Entertainment.(Destiny’s Child, Beyonce’, Leandria Johnson) Her new untitled EP will be available the summer of 2017. @ShonnieMurrell on IG and Twitter.

Shonnie Murrell

Joe Jordan

Joe Jordan is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and performer, best known for his role as the intense guitarist and frontman of alternative rock band JJX, and as the electrifying bassist from the hip hop alternative group Oxymorrons. Recently, Joe has been turning in amazing performances as a singer-songwriter, playing a mix of brand new music and JJX fan favorites and even putting his own spin on some of today’s biggest radio hits. With JJX, Joe has had the privilege of working alongside a myriad of acclaimed artists (Living Colour, Erykah Badu, Eric Gales, Angelo Moore of Fishbone, Akrobatik, The Memorials) and booked tours culminating in appearances at Juneteenth Fest, Utah Arts Fest , Sundance Film Fest, Freedomfest, AfroPunk Fest, CBS News, CBGB Festival and SXSW. The JJX album Thirst is available everywhere online via Artists First Records/Ropeadope.

Joe Jordan

7:00PM TO 11:00PM

Darbi Shaun

Darbi Shaun is a country, singer-songwriter from Houston, TX. Following the release of two EP’s, she released her album, 4AM, in February. This features strong vocals and heartfelt lyrics all with a g​​enuine feel, as she wrote all of the songs that make up 4AM. Her career has taken her to stages in Los Angeles, Nashville and across Texas. Following her graduation from Texas A&M University in May, this list will only grow.

Darbi Shaun


Since their inception, Ships Have Sailed have always struck a balance between exuberant pop and substantial alternative rock. Their debut EP ‘Someday’ (2014) was well received throughout the US, Canada and the UK, catalyzing a Northeastern US tour and landing the band showcases at SXSW, CMJ Music Marathon, Canadian Music Week, & NAMM in 2015. They took home accolades from ISC and Unsigned Only that same year, furthering the band’s impetus for the release of their first full length album, ‘Moodswings’. The eleven song studio effort earned glowing reviews from Blackbook, Wild Honey Pie, and The 405, again receiving notice from ISC, Unsigned Only and The John Lennon Songwriting Competition, and spawned a sister release ‘Re: MIX’, whose tropical house remixes seemed in perfect step with the evolving music climate.

An invigorated 2016 began with Ships Have Sailed’s acoustic EP, ‘Whispers’. The band spent the summer touring the West coast and set out on an East coast tour in late fall. In November, ‘Drive’ received Best Alternative Song at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, a massive feat and a testament to the group’s ability to translate their own momentum into a pulsing, universal anthem about love, longevity and forward motion. Along with the success and progress achieved over the past year, for which they have been unwaveringly grateful, Ships Have Sailed also saw the inherent challenges of unexpected events and unpredictable variables of their continuing journey.

Coming off the road on the final leg of their 2016 tour cycle, and in a particularly reflective and somewhat exhausted moment, a new idea was born.

In his own words, the group’s spearhead, songwriter and producer, Will Carpenter says “[In] a moment that was both happy and sad, reflective and hopeful, satisfied but still hungry, I tried to muster up the words to convey the mix of emotions that this year had evoked. At first it was a thoughtful process, but once the grain of the idea took shape, the music just kind of poured out…and it was incredibly cathartic.”

The result will be heard in the band’s new single, ‘Up’, which Carpenter sees as a call “to those of us with a dream that, however long the odds, is something we’re willing to fight for.”

‘Up’ was released on February 3, 2017 and is available everywhere digital music is sold or streamed.


“A spark of positivity, ‘Up’ is a track you need to have on your radar.”
– Paste Magazine

“Ships Have Sailed may be your favorite new discovery.”
– Black Book

“The contagious low-key vocals remind one of Elliot Smith while the buzzing instrumentation leans more toward calculated early work of The Killers. Overall, Ships Have Sailed flex their implicit control over the pop-rock genre.”
– The Vinyl District

“Ships Have Sailed is the rare case of a band name embodying its sound. Their melodies soar effortlessly and their inspired, rounded resonance reminds me of 90s alt-rock bands that have since gone out to sea; Something Corporate or mainstream Christian rock power players, Hillsong United”
– Earmilk

“Ships Have Sailed taps a massive electro pop-rock vein and rides that unbeatable high for 11 addictive tracks.”
– The Wild Honey Pie

“Quality pop rock that will leaves fans of Wheat, Quiet Company, and The Walkmen longing for an LP from this LA group.”
– What The Kids (Are Into)


Up (Single)
Whispers Acoustic EP
Someday EP
Midnight Single

Ships Have Sailed:

Will Carpenter – Vocals, Guitar, Production, Composition
Art Andranikyan – Drums

Ships Have Sailed


A softspoken songtress who taught her soul to sing with a six string.

Wazo (wah-zoh) is a self-taught singer-songwriter based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Coming from a musical household, Wazo is classically trained, she played viola for 6 years before switching to guitar. Always a poet, her writing moved to songwriting. Her style draws from her favorite genres including hip-hop, jazz, R&B, and soul which helped her mold her own unique, lilting, but powerful vocal style.


Of Sea and Stone

Of Sea and Stone is a Folk Pop duo formed around the vocals of Luke and Morgan Dierker. After meeting on Tinder, the Missouri born, Austin based duo quickly realized their vocal chemistry and began writing and performing together. Of Sea and Stone’s sound ranges from joyful to solemn, hopeful to desperate, and ultimately reflects the very nature of their relationship. The two are opposites in many ways, yet they share an inherent link. Much like their namesake, they’re always crashing into one another. Their latest project, soon to be released, was engineered and recorded at Dark Horse Studios with producer Billy Smiley in Franklin, TN. It was mixed by Richie Biggs, engineer of The Civil Wars’ albums, Barton Hollow and The Civil Wars. The album features guitarist Brad Rice (toured with Keith Urban), drummer Jared Kneale (toured with Kacey Musgraves, currently performing with Hunter Hayes), bassist Danny O’Lannerghty, and guitarist Brennan Smiley of The Technicolors. The album is scheduled for release in Fall 2017 through Sony RED and Soundly Music of Nashville, TN. Of Sea and Stone will be touring the West U.S. in July 2017.

Of Sea And Stone

Alemay Fernandez

“She sounds wonderful and she’s got something to say…” – Benny Golson

“I’m knocked out by how wonderful she sounds…” -Dennis Mackrel, Former Music Director, Count Basie Orchestra

“I just had to take a moment to express the moving experience Alemay’s voice brought me. I loved and enjoyed her so much!” – Carmen Bradford

“…A very beautiful voice with great control…” – Terence Blanchard

“(Her) voice is smoky rich and powerful…she is self-assured and pitch perfect.” – Dee Dee McNeil

“…Earth toned vocalist Alemay Fernandez brings moods that sound like it’s Sunday all week..drenched with gospel (she) glows like a candle. This lady has a smile in her DNA ” –

Jazz Weekly – Creative Music and other forms of Avant Garde

My father was a great jazz pianist and of course I heard a lot of Miles when I grew up but my musical background came more from players like Freddie, Lee, Wayne, Bird …

Multi-talented Singaporean jazz singer and performer Alemay Fernandez released her debut solo jazz album of originals “Hard to Imagine” on July 9th 2016. After a sold-out launch concert at The Esplanade in Singapore and a successful Asian Tour, the “Hard To Imagine” Tour is headed to the U.S. this Summer! And what better place to kick off her U.S. tour than at Springboard Houston Festival.

Hailed by TimeOut magazine as one of Singapore’s “best-loved entertainers”, Alemay Fernandez is a rising star on the Asian jazz scene. She has performed with the likes of The Count Basie Orchestra, David Foster, Incognito, The Platters’ Bobby Soul, William Close & The Earth Harp Collective, NY Jazz staples Gregory “Hutch” Hutchinson, Aaron Goldberg & Jason Palmer and opened for Laura Fygi & Benny Golson. She has sung for A-listers like Kevin Spacey, Ethan Hawke, Joss Stone, Kurt Elling, Lea Salonga, Paloma Picasso, Serena Williams as well as Presidents & Prime Ministers.

Alemay is known for her sultry tone, powerhouse vocals and an onstage presence that keeps the audience eating out of the palm of her hand.

Expect an elegant night of jazz, soul & bluesy goodness. Backed by one of Houston’s hippest bands R.A.D.S The Krusaders II.0, it’ll be hard to imagine a better evening of entertainment!

Alemay Fernandez


Will Carter has had 2 Top 30 hits on Texas Radio. His first single “I Don’t Know Why” was released in March of 2016, followed by the title cut “With You” (also a Top 30 charting single on Texas Radio) from their EPK “With You” available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. Will Carter and the Will Carter Band have played festivals and dancehalls from Texas, to Nashville, to Florida opening for established acts such as Cody Johnson, Randy Rogers, Aaron Watson, Cory Smith, Josh Ward, Jason Cassidy, J.B. and the Moonshine Band, Curtis Grimes, Gary Kyle, Parker McCollum, and Aaron Copeland to name a few. Their 3rd single “Way Back“ was just released to Texas Radio in January of 2017 with the full length album slated for release fall 2017.

Will Carter

Steff Neff

Two words come to mind when describing Steff Neff; dark and sparkly. She is an expert at combining sugary pop melodies with much darker lyrics that bleed raw emotion. Steff is both a talented entertainer and passionate songwriter. Taylor Swift’s former manager, and the founder of The Music Industry Blueprint, Rick Barker says “[She] had me from the very, very, beginning…I really dig [her]”. Tom Jackson from live music cares states “I love [her] voice…I love what [she’s] doing.” Steff Neff was one of 23 applicants accepted into Belmont University’s Songwriting program, out of thousands of candidates in 2015. She was also one of 27 applicants chosen internationally to participate in the “It All Starts with A Song” songwriting retreat hosted by the former VP of Warner Chappell Music, inc., Judy Stakee, in 2017. Judy Stakee says “Between her strong vocals, pop melodies, and insightful lyrics, it’s hard to believe she is only 19!”

Steff Neff


Christen Lien is a classical fusion artist and multi-instrumentalist who creates an innovative brand of musical storytelling. She has branched out to bend the classical genre by integrating innovative technology and collaborating with artists and musicians from many mediums. Christen has performed events hosted by the Obama White House, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Forbes, Google, Nexus Global, Summit Series, MIT, the United States Institute of Peace, and many other institutions. She inspires fans around the globe.

Christen Lien


Poet.MD is a live DJ/Producer & Drummer duo presenting a contemporary spin on what it means to party. Hailing from two different parts of the creative streets of West Philadelphia, Poet and MuzikalDunk were destined to meet each other. A boisterous outspoken singer, actor & playwright at the time Poet met MD, who was just a modest church drummer at a local church back in 2005. They grew fond of each other after joining a local gospel group with some friends. They eventually discovered countless found similarities in their lives and a shared passion for music. The fondness blossomed into a full fledged friendship in 2008 when Muzikaldunk began recording her own music. They would then realize that this musical match was inevitable by the music they began to record together. Poet.MD not only developed a friendship but also a new sound just as distinct and refreshing. Their distinct sound has traveled for more than four years influencing artists and bands from New York to Krakow. Best known for their “press record and play!” motto and emotional live performances, together these two are a sonic adventure beyond this world.




12 year old, Sami is a country music singer/songwriter from Houston, TX and is the youngest of six kids. She took the stage for the first time when she was eight years old, proving that she is strong, fearless, confident and independent. She loves to write music and her passion is performing to large crowds. She lives in Houston with her family and is working on her first EP which is due to be released in early 2017. You can find links to all of her social media at



Ava Bryant

AVA BRYANT is a 13 year old singer-songwriter based in the north Houston suburb of Spring, TX. Ava has a natural talent for music that was apparent at a young age. The week of her 7th birthday, she began training in classical style guitar which she continues to develop today. She also plays piano, drums and ukulele. Ava wrote her first song at just ten years old and performed it at the Bluebird Café in Nashville in May 2014. In the fall of 2015, she got serious about songwriting and now has 30 original songs that she’s performed at open mic nights around the Houston area. Ava’s devotion to developing her talent has led her to acclaimed vocal coach, Tom McKinney, who is helping her improve her vocal technique and range. When not on stage singing her original songs, Ava loves acting, playing in her church youth band, and singing with her school choir. Ava plans a career in the music industry and looks forward to any opportunity to perform in front of a crowd. Check her out at


Ava Bryant

Hoax & Haze

Hip Hop duo Ikkesh Hoax and Barz Haze known simply as Hoax & Haze are taking the nation by storm with their infectious new single, Hit The Mayweather. Heavily influenced by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince and Lil Wayne, they were discovered during a Music World Showcase by the same music executive who groomed Destiny’s Child and Beyoncé for unparalleled success.

Hit The Mayweather is not just a fun song; it’s a lifestyle and a frame of mind, with an addictive “shoulder roll” dance. With some fresh additions, they created the newest dance craze in their hometown of Houston, TX.

Hoax & Haze have showcased their talents at schools and clubs throughout the country, and have appeared on Fox and ABC news, with performances at the House of Blues. They also had an opportunity to perform Hit The Mayweather in front of the boxing champ himself, Floyd Mayweather — to his approval!

Hoax & Haze

Lance Tingey

Indie-Pop/Alternative singer-songwriter and recording artist out of Provo, UT. Similar sound to the likes of Shawn Mendes, John Mayer, and Ed Sheeran.

Most recent release:
“Stay With You” by Lance Tingey

Facebook page – Lance Tingey Music
Instagram @letingey
Twitter @lancetingey
Youtube Channel
Reverbnation page

Lance Tingey

Heinen Theater

HCC Central Campus
3516 Austin #101
Houston, TX 77004

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